Kentucky Space has released an iPhone app tracking Unbridled Spirit, its X-ray hunter, which is now in a 480 x 780 km elliptical orbit.

You'll need iOS 6.x to run it.

On a Mac, launch iTunes and click “iTunes Store” in the left hand column to enter the store. Using the “search store” space (top right), search for “Unbridled Spirit.” You may also use search directly from the "App Store" icon on your phone.

Sorry, there is not an Android equivalent as of yet.

The app pulls it orbital elements over the web, so its positioning on the application's map should remain very accurate.

UPDATE: to get the freshest possible orbital data, do two things. One, double-tap the home button on your phone. Find the app among all the apps currently running on your phone. Press and hold the Unbridled Spirit icon until it gives you the option to unload it from memory. Unload it. Double-tap the home button again. Then find and reopen the app like normal. Secondly, on the orbital elements screen (right-side screen in the image displayed here) touch and very briefly hold the "orbital elements" blue bar at the bottom. The lettering will briefly light and you will receive confirmation that the very latest TLEs have been successfully fetched.

General satellite and mission information may be found here.