And we’re back!!!

It's been a busy few weeks here at Kentucky Space, especially concerning the KySat-2 program. In early December KySat-2 was moved from a backup slot to a primary on the ELaNa IV mission slated for launch in the summer of 2013. K2 Tuesdays will have more on the specific launch early next year but the entire team has moved into high gear because the launch and delivery dates were moved up significantly right after we were informed of the new status.

Last Friday, Dec. 14, Kentucky Space, along with students and faculty at both Morehead State University and the University of Kentucky, held a three hour, 212 slide design review. We went over every system to check current status and what needs to happen between now and our second major design review in mid-January to ensure mission success and an on-time delivery.

I personally have to thank those from both universities. Last Friday was also the last day of finals - so everyone was a bit weary - but the review went very well and we are moving full steam into the holiday season and 2013. Our current schedule has Engineering Model built up in the last week of January and into the first few days of February. Stay tuned to the blog as we will show off our components as they are coming in from the PCB board houses and machine shops. Additionally we will have a mission logo unveiled and will expand on the how the flight delivering KySat-2 to orbit should delight any small sat enthusiast.

Until then happy holidays to everyone from Kentucky Space.

Twyman Clements - Space Systems Engineer, Kentucky Space