K2 Tuesdays is a semi-regular series on the development of KySat-2, the latest spacecraft from Kentucky Space. Prior installments are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

The last of KySat-2’s flight hardware has come in over the past two weeks and the design that the entire team have been working on for the previous six months is beginning to come together!

Since our last K2 Tuesday update we’ve received our gold plated solar panels (below right), our antenna holders from our friends at CRP technologies (below left) and the milled aluminum chassis for the KySat-2 flight model (upper left). This frame will be anodized black similar to the CXBN spacecraft and is the last major process that needs to occur before integration.

In the meantime the KySat-2 FlatSat (upper right) is taking shape. A "FlatSat" lays out the spacecraft subsystem on a table so that dependencies can be verified and any problems quickly identified. It also permits us to test the whole system to its maximum capacity. The FlatSat will also include our 3D printed version of KySat-2, which can also be seen to the upper right. We will that model to test the antenna deployment mechanism of the spacecraft.

One last note: as you can see in the last photo the team printed models of the Saturn V first stage as the legs of our FlatSat from Thingaverse just to add a little context to the project.

Twyman Clements, Space Systems Engineer, Kentucky Space