What can we learn by removing gravity from the equation?

By eliminating gravity, cells, molecules, protein crystals, microbes, etc. behave in very different ways. This presents opportunities to explore new and potentially game-changing discoveries in areas such as human tissue regeneration, drug development, treatments for diseases such as cancer and other life threatening and chronic conditions, as well as energy and novel materials.


In May 2011 Kentucky Space launched an exciting new initiative into exomedicine. Exomedicine is the study and exploration of medical solutions in the microgravity environment of space. With the formation of the Exomedicine Institute, an interdisciplinary team of top scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs has been assembled to forge ahead into this new and potentially promising field of research. Already several experiments have been flown to the space station, including an investigation into the microgravity effects on glioblastoma cells.

A Unique Opportunity for Research

The CubeLab® research platform was born out of a need for repeatable/affordable research on the International Space Station (ISS). The uniquely designed “CubeLab® ” research module was by developed by Kentucky Space based on the proven CubeSat form-factor. By providing a standardized platform and open architecture for the experimental modules, we shrink the development cycle and cost for research and development. The goal is to identify insights which can be applied to research applications on earth which in turn can lead to quicker time to market for new drug products, treatments or procedures. Officially completed in early 2011, the National Laboratory aboard the ISS is available to conduct a high volume of medical research investigations focused on earth benefits rather than astronaut health.

Expertise & Research Benefits

We know you don’t know anything about handling a launch with NASA, so we make it easy for you. Kentucky Space and Exomedicine Institute offer regular, repeatable research missions on ISS, including return payloads. We have logistics expertise to manifest and certify your experiment (called a payload) on flights to the ISS. We have scientific, engineering and technical expertise to assist with experiment design, payload design and integration services tailored to the individual needs of your investigation. We operate our own ISS Certified Operations Center where astronaut interaction with your experiment is monitored and controlled privately. All you have to do is identify the investigation you would like to conduct and cover the cost within your research budget.

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