We're on the space station. We launch suborbital missions. We build small, high value spacecraft. We fly high altitude balloons. As innovators in space, we never stop thinking outside the atmosphere.

Together with Evadot, we believe you too can hack space. We'd like to introduce you to "Firefly," a flexible-use printed circuit board that can serve as the brains, fuel and voice for many different applications.

The board will be the featured prototyping platform at future Spacehacker - née "hackerSPACES" - get-togethers. Debuting in beta at the Lexington event last November, the makers, hackers and coders there liked the idea so much we went to work improving the board and later dubbed it Firefly.

We've partnered with Evadot to make it available.

News is coming soon on an upcoming Spacehackers' event we think you'll want to attend. Take the feed for the Kentucky Space blog, or follow us on Twitter (@KySpace) and Facebook for more.