KySat-2 is a 1U CubeSat class satellite that is scheduled to be launched in early November of 2013 as part of NASA’a ELaNa program. The spacecraft built by Kentucky Space LLC includes nine parts that were Additively Manufactured (3D Printed) using Windform XT2.0 from CRP technologies, built by CRP USA based in North Carolina. These parts include:
  • Deployment Extensions: Two of these are used on each spacecraft is “extender” of the ON/OFF switches which power the satellite ON when deployed from the rocket
  • Battery Holders: These holding “straps” constrain the satellite batteries to structure to ensure no movement during the violent ascent into orbit
  • Antenna Holders: These four surfaces are each one mounted to the deployable solar panels. When the solar panels are in the stowed configuration these parts hold the UHF antenna within the envelope of the spacecraft. When the panels deploy open the antennas are then released which allow KySat-2 to communicate back to the earth.
  • Camera Structure: The final WindForm XT 2.0 part we used was a structure which held the imaging board and lens in place and which attached to the spacecraft frame. We made this part, like all of them, custom from the start to fit our needs perfectly.
You can see the antenna holders in the image on the right of the engineering model of Kysat-2. A higher resolution of these parts will be available in an upcoming post.

By the winter of this year Kentucky Space will be getting photos of the earth taken by KySat-2 by a camera held in by Windform 3D Printed parts. Pretty cool!

Twyman Clements, Space Systems Engineer, Kentucky Space